Sunday, September 5, 2021

Whats New?

Believe it or not, its been one whole year since I've posted anything. Actually, my computer weren't allow me to post anything. I needed an upgrade to my "old" IMAC. Courtesy of my son Davey, who is an IT Administrator, it sort of helps when you need your computer worked on. So blessed to have him. Anyways, I'm back in business! I have a new granddaughter now and a newly engaged daughter. I absolutely cannot enjoy my granddaughters enough. They lived in the bay area, I'm down here in South Orange County and over the past year, I've flowned to the bay area several times just to visit and not miss out on anything happening in their lives. I truly love being called "Grandma J". I'll be flying up there again in October for little Ruthie's lst Birthday on Halloween Day. Finally found my costume, thought I lost it. I packed it away with my Halloween decor last year. I'm still debating if I should used my witches' costume or not. I certainly don't want to scare my grandbabies. I even have some green foundation for my face, always fun to dress up for Halloween. We'll be planning a wedding again soon. Waiting for more details first from my daughter, Cassandra. I think she still is in shocked from getting engaged. So happy for her and Josh. They make a super cute couple. I'm already thinking about Cassandra's bridal shower, I'm thinking "Swans", getting excited already. Posted this funny saying on my FB page, thought you would enjoy, "Sometimes faith will make you look stupid; until it starts to rain." - Noah Lots of blessing and love sent your way, enjoy this new season! xoxo

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Family, Beauty and some Fall Decor Around the Homestead!

Has it been a while since I posted anything??  Quarantine time flies I guess, when you are extremely bored with absolutely not enough to do. Thank goodness my babies, Brian, Cassi and Parvati came down from the bay area to visit. We all went down to Dana Point and visited the San Clemente Outlets.  Cassi, Parvati and I did some shopping too.  I was able to take this pic of my kids and Rexy. Fun times but went way too fast.  I so wished we all lived closer.  Brian and Cassi are expecting, baby is due November 5th, Election Day.  Our family is over the top excited!

I think all of us have done a little bit of internet shopping, it almost makes us too lazy to do anything, especially with free shipping makes it even better, but I’ve been probably shopping too much, lots of wishing with that too.  I found this purse that stopped me in my tracks . . . maybe something to wish for at Christmastime or might even gift it to myself. Tory Burch has the cutest bags, for sure. Well, I decided I would weave my hair instead, not as expensive as the purse . . . lol!

Well you know the season is about to change again . . . as usual, I get too excited to wait for the appropriate time to decorate . . . is there such a thing, as appropriate time?  I don’t think so lol!

 As long as I’ve known Rexy, he has always drank tea in the morning, me always coffee, I’m sort of not drinking it as often anymore.  This warm weather we have been having lately, has sort of died down a little, so Rexy and I have been sitting in the patio in the morning.  Maybe the coffee thing is, me getting older.  Well, I recently had a birthday, which after 60, you just don’t count them anymore.  My daughter, Cassandra bought be this beautiful statue for my birthday, part of the Willow Tree Collection, this one is called “Close to me”.  I love it and its looks absolutely beautiful on the dresser.  Thank you baby-girl!

I can’t believe Fall is here . . . like I mentioned earlier, 2020 has gone by lighting fast.  

As usual, I always have a little bit of cross stitch with my decor.  This is an old one, but one of my favorites. I’m sorry, I can’t quite remember the designer, nor the name of the pattern.  My cow always seem to stay out all year long.  That’s a “Buzza Motto” pic by J.B. Donnie.  My Mom, has an amazing collection of these, displayed on a wall in her hallway.  She has collected them for years, as long as I can remember.  

Rexy and I often go for walks in the neighbor, we came across this tiny sparrows nest.  I had to find something to set it in, a tiny watering pot.  I have tons of pinecones all over the house, we collected a bunch of them in 2016 and they have held up pretty good.  When we brought them home, I baked them and added some cinnamon to them also, can’t really smell the cinnamon anymore.  

I think this cross stitch from Blackbird Design, “Octopus Garden”, a Beatles Tribute, will be like my cow, stay out all year long.  Loving the colors, looks good with the kitchen too.  

This red birdhouse has been with me for many years, good memories for my kids when they come home for the holidays . . . my favorite time of the year.  The cross stitch below is by Kathy Barrick, her designs are amazing.  This one is called “Little Lamb”.  Fun stitch for sure.

Decided to stitched this at the last moment, being that the country has been on all of our minds lately,  I was feeling patriotic.  I’ve always wanted to stitch this one, its been around for a long time, by Blackbird Designs, “Summer Jubilee”.  I trimmed it with chenille, the color is “Union Jack”,  I displayed it with my black bird cage in the entry on my black dresser. The bird cage was a lucky find at an antique store up north.  

Funny the sign says, “Liberty Days”, should it say “Last Days” maybe, something to be concerned about maybe.  As Christians we are well taken care of  . . . being on God’s team is a whole lot safer!
Lots of blessings and hopefully I’ll post something sooner and not later xoxo

Colossians 3:15-17

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace.  And be thankful.  Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, sing to God with gratitude in your hearts.  And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.  

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Over the holiday and into Sweethearts Day . . . never ending!

 Well Happy New Year 2020!  I have a funny feeling about this upcoming year, something exciting is going to happen, don’t know what it is yet . . . but I can feel it LOL!

Started this year off with surgery, don’t ask me where all that excitement above came from  . . .  but my intuition is usually right on.  What kind of surgery?  You know, the big “H” surgery, women usually have it after 60.  Anyways, feeling very sore and bored at the same time.  Been sewing a lot lately getting ready for Valentines Day.

Hearts are one of my favorite things to make . . .  some of these have been with me forever, always fun to pull out and display.

The beading work on this heart was so much fun to do, always love adding the detail to anything I create.  I poked my finger a little too often with this one . . . ouch!

 This heart above reminds me so much of my Grandma . . . a mustard colored heart with some vintage grosgrain beige ribbon.  My Auntie and Mom came for a visit and that lovely little heart went home with Auntie.  It always feels good when someone falls in love with something you created.

Sure appreciated the flowers, the visits and gifts I have been receiving since I’ve had the surgery.  It was such a nice feeling and felt so loved.

I glad I decorated before my surgery, if I had done it after, I don’t think I would have had the energy LOL!

I love to collect vintage postcards . . . preferably German made, early 30’s . . these are two of my favorite.  They are just the sweetest.

Found these calling cards from the late 1800’s with my Mom, years ago, at an estate sale.  They are very fragile, I try not to handle them too often.

  As the years have gone by, the chenille trim on these have faded a tad.

Rexy and I went antique shopping at the Lake Elsinore Historic District about a month ago and found some goodies out there.  One of our finds, were these simple metal frames, added some paper art for Valentines and loved how they turned out.

The weather these days has warmed up a little, you know how spoiled we are here in Southern California.  It was nice to sit in the patio and enjoy the view.  

Once I find out what all the excitement I feel for 2020 . . I’ll let you know LOL!  Lots of blessing and have a wonderful rest of the week  xoxo

He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much:  and he the is unjust in the least is unjust also in much   Luke 16:10

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Santa’s Arrived . . . Here we go!

Decorations are up, shopping is in session and the kids are coming . . . that always makes me happy!  Are we there yet, are we actually enjoying the holidays?  Sometimes it just comes way too fast and when it does arrive it’s over before we know it.  Sort of a downer when you think about it.

I’ve finally gotten to that age where I just want to enjoy the moment, not think too much about the future and have more gratitude in my heart for the life I’ve been given and the people that are in it that I loved so much. Gratitude always brings blessings!

Lately, when I’ve posted on my blog, haven’t really shared the word, as often as I should have.  I know when you stayed prayed up, you just feel better, everything feels better.  Staying close to God brings a lot of peace.  I have to admit, I’ve move away from reading the word, attending church and having a daily devotion and wordless conversations with God.  My goal for 2020 is to return back to that lifestyle again, but in my heart I feel it’s going to be different this time.  I’ve been an empty nester for awhile now and fully retired.  I was hoping to return back to work, but maybe not.  God has a game plan for me and I’m waiting to see what it will be with anticipation of course LOL!

He’s never leads us in the wrong direction and its always with purpose, which is comforting.

My family is growing and changing now.  I have a new daughter in law and she brought with her a beautiful little daughter, whom I just adore.  It’s open up a whole other side of me, it makes me very happy!

Well you know, it wouldn’t be normal for me not to talk about my decorations.  I’ve made a few things for this Christmas season, some ornaments and dolls of course.  

Rexy helped me with the tree yesterday.  I always select a Noble Fir styled tree, it strong enough to hold my ornaments, especially the heavier ones and I love the style of it.  That afghan was once my beloved dog, Button’s blanket, when she passed away I wash it and pulled all the dog hair out of it and now used it as a tree skirt.  Love her and miss her so much, she was such a loyal and awesome dog.

I realized this past year how many ornaments I have, too many to put all of them on the tree.  Time to pass some of these ornament down to my kids for their Christmas trees.  

That’s a Wendy Addison ornament above, the Noel one.  I had the opportunity to visit her shop earlier this year in Port Costa and bought a few ornaments.  Her shop is truly magical.

Found some more cameos at the vintage market here.  Love making ornaments with them.  Victorian style always steals my heart.  

That cow below, I’ve kept out all year, we seem to have a farm-theme going on here, at least it feels that way sometimes LOL!  I like things that make me smile, and they do!

Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful Christmas season, if it was not for him aka “Jesus”, we wouldn’t be experiencing the beauty of this season.  God makes everything truly beautiful and times it just right, trust him.  Hopefully, I’ll post some more pics soon.  Blessings! xo

Luke 12:30-31 For the pagan world runs after all such things and your Father know that you need them.  But seek his kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well