Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cassandra turned 21 Big Ones!

My baby turned twenty-one years old on the 21st.  In the pic above she was barely turning one years old . . I love this pic with her Dad.

Growing up . . . . she sure loved her Daddy

Prom Night  . . .  another pic with her Daddy 

Some of her dearest friends she grew up with in this pic above . . . celebrating a birthday of one of her friends

Weekend traveling with her sorority buddies  . . . . Times sure flies . . . doesn't it . . . Wow!

We celebrated her birthday Saturday afternoon at home with family and friends.  Davey, my oldest son and I took Cassandra out to dinner on her official "birth day" this past Monday  . . . you were missed Brian ( middle son who now works and lives in Wisconsin).

Islands has the best burgers, I had the "Hula" burger which is loaded with mushrooms . . yum yum.

Of course you have to try those delicious french fries with the burger.

 Two of my beautiful babies . . my youngest and my oldest . . now you can figure out how old I am . . please don't remind me :O)

Happy Birthday Beautiful Cassandra!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pray for Japan

As the news is unfolding . . . it is so sad what is happening in Japan . . where do you even begin to start after something as devastating as this.   Definitely prayer for direction and peace . . God's hand will be in this . . that's a given.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Paint

Decorating and painting is always fun . . . exciting too!  I so need to make changes around here.  My friend Lili from Fearless Nesting made such an awesome change to her knotty pine . . take a peek at it.   I thought I would try it to mine too.  The knotty pine is on each side of my fireplace in the den.   I decided to go with "Eggshell" from Glidden paint.  Sort of a mustard color, I thought it would warm the room up a bit . . .  oh it has and then some :O)