Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sweet Valentines For My Loves!

Last Saturday, we picked up my Mom for breakfast.  We had breakfast at Guasti's Homestyle Cafe in Chino.  It's always a treat there, the food is delicious and generous.  One plate can feed two people easily.  My Mom is 86 years young and looks fantastic.  She is as sharp as a pencil still too.  I made some Valentines for my Mom and Sister Debbie, felted hearts with some rolled felt roses.  I added some vintage ribbon on the mustard colored heart that I gave my Mom from my prized collection that my wonderful sister-in-law, Chris gave me a few years ago.  I only used these ribbons for special creations.  

Mom and Rexy 

Mom's Heart

Debbie's Heart

 I couldn't resist making a mustard heart for my own heart collection at home  . . . LOL!

Hope you all have a beautiful Valentines Day this year . . . make sure to kiss your special love ones!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Last of the Holidays . . . Terror for the Eggnog Cake at the Christmas Dinner!

Food is a big thing in my family  . . . Christmas dinner was the best!  I decided I would make a three layer cake, first time, of course.  It's looks like it tilted a little, but the eggnog cake was delicious.  Funny how the word "Terror" is in the pic of the cake.  I thought for sure the top layer would slip.

I was so excited to use my new Christmas dishes, Johnson Brothers, "Friendly Village".  Our Christmas menu was baked ham, mashed potatoes with mushrooms and gravy, green beans with almonds, spinach salad and cranberries . . . yum yum!

Cooking on the new stove is always a treat, really enjoying it.

Do you see the gold box . . . Sees candies is a staple around the homestead during the holidays :O)  It sort of happens when your daughter works for Sees.  Spinach salad was yummy too.

I used a new glaze on the ham this year . . . "Crosse & Blackwell", ham glaze with cherries.  Will definitely use this glaze next year. 

Always hard when it's time to say goodbye to my kids aka adult children.  I have a feeling next year will be a little different.  Number two son appears to have met someone special . . . so happy for him!
Hope your holiday was a beautiful one . . . blessings! xo

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry & Bright❤️

May this be a beautiful Christmas celebration . . May God only bless you all in this new year! Merry Christmas ❤️

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Better not pout . . .Santa's coming!

I've sung that song for years to my kids since they were little during the holiday season.  Every time I hear that song, it warms my heart like no other.  Something unique and special always happens at Christmas time.  You have to seek it from your heart.  I promised God will show you.  Every year I wait and anticipate it.

Having faith and a love for God has so many benefits.  He makes everyday special.  The more you get closer to him, the more you want to know him.  There is a freedom to having a daily relationship with him.  As I mentioned in an earlier posting, when I got away from him, I became much more involved in myself and "the things" that were going on in my life.

God is my centerpoint, he keeps me grounded and at peace.  He makes my life simple.  He takes me away from worldly things and needs. 

  This year I have a new surrounding, new spaces to decorate.  Usually I just can't wait, I normally would be so excited to do it.  I would be planning the colors, how I was going to set everything up, but this time its different.  

I actually miss my one bedroom apartment with my daughter, it was simple but so nice.  I'm not saying I don't appreciate the blessing of living in a beautiful home, I just realize how much I have changed for the better, Blessings! :O)

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Only Gratitude . . . The kids are coming home :O)

It always feels good when the kids come home  . . . I started to prepare the house for company.  A coffee station is always good.  Rexy and I have really been working hard around the house, and its finally starting to look real pretty. 

You could see the doors that still need to be hanged in the living room.  Hoping for carpet by Christmas, might not be until after . . . we will see.  Loving the gray paint with the white trim.

Gratitude has been on my heart for so many things lately . . . life has had so many seasons of challenges . . . feels sort of odd when things come to a calm.  I'm definitely going to enjoy it for now. 

Rexy and I attended church this afternoon, Pastor mentioned writing a thank you list for all the good in our lives.  They say when you praise God with gratitude, it is like a sacrifice.  Rexy had a health scare about a month ago.  We immediately went in prayer and gave it to God to handle.  Every time we started to worry about it, we would stop and pray about it right away.  When he went back to the doctor's office he was pleasantly surprise, it turned out to be nothing.  Right after he left the doctor's office he stopped by my workplace and told me. It so stunned me, we both looked at each other, started laughing with joy and thought it must have been the praying.  PRAYER WORKS!  This will be a very special Thanksgiving for both of us.

Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus   1 Thessalonians 5:18

Well, went to a vintage swap meet with a girlfriend from work and found this adorable little gold elephant bank  . . . loving it. This little piece is from the 1930's, made out of cast iron. Just too sweet. Definitely will go back to this swap meet next month.   Looking forward to cooking for my babies aka grown children, hope you all have a beautiful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.  Blessings!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

When Life Gets Boring

I've always had a love for creating and sewing dolls . . . I hang them, place them around the house  . . . even doing the holidays I'll mixed them in with my decorations, give them as gifts too.  I never seem to get tired of them  . . . I've sold many at craft shows over the years, too many to count, but when I look at them lately, they all start to look the same, just a different color I guess.

It's funny I thought I would never get tired or bored making them, but I'm starting to.  I think when you are a young mother raising children, creating this whimsical environment for them is sort of something normal to do, at least for me it was.  I think I coming into a chapter in my life where this might go to the wayside.  I hope not, I don't think I would have anything else to do in my down time, sewing/crafting always has been something I do. It was my peace, my get-a-way.

I've had a calling on my life for a some time now, even with all the commotion that was going on, to get involved with womens prison ministry.  I feel that is something I can do. I have no idea how I'm going to get into that, but I feel God will guide me through prayer.   I've always had a strong connection to young mothers, to women in general when it comes to the word of God.  Before Dave my husband passed away, I used to teach a small bible study to the women in my family once a week and truly enjoyed it.

After Dave passed away and life all of a sudden change drastically, at the time I thought for the worse, was actually for the better. I had to experience some gut wrenching life events to realized that.  Always easier to look back, review and learn.

I moved away from my faith, my love for God always remained strong.  I just didn't pick up my bible as much, wasn't attending church that often, let alone get involved in church events. Also,  I met someone that became very special to me and I step off  that horrific world of mine into whole other world.  I was so tired of life it self, I just wanted a break.

This is what I've been doing up to a week ago when I was looking at my blog the other day and realized it's been awhile since I took the time to praise God and post something about it.  When I looked back at my posting they were all about my crafting, touring on the motorcycle with Rexy,  decorating, the new kitchen . . . it was about me and that was so boring.

I do know this, by having an active relationship with God makes my life so much more interesting, worthy.  Sharing the word makes my world so much more happier.  I'm a new neighbor and a new employee here in Mission Viejo. I need to make some new friends in this new location. Sometimes I so miss my old life before Dave passed away.  I think I miss the routine, thinking nothing would ever change and life would stay whimiscal  . . . it shattered to a million pieces. So here I am starting over again, trying to build some normal in this life. A new address again, a new relationship, and I guess a new beginning.  My kids aka grown up adults living their own lifes now and no longer share a roof with me anymore, sort of makes me sad in a silly way.  They were my whole life for a very long time.  Even the dog is gone now . . . oh my.

On that thought . . . Rexy I think we need to get a dog . . . lol!  Blessings xo

"By day the Lord directs his love, at night his song is with me - a prayer to the God of my life" . . . (Psalm 42:8)