Monday, December 15, 2014

Changes . . . Christmas Time

I'm sure enjoying this Christmas holiday . . . its funny how much we can change over the years.  Years earlier I used to put so much stuff (decorations) out for the holiday season.  I don't put as much stuff out as I used to.  I like to put just a little out here and there around the homestead.  Really just my most favorite things.  Seems like I'm so busy lately, my daughter Cassandra and I still have to get the Christmas tree before the boys come home next week.  Looking so forward to having both of my boys home :O).  This year I started wrapping a little bit early.  I used to wrap everything on Christmas Eve, getting too old for that now, trying to do it the smart way.

The last couple of years, I sure got back into cross stitching and have really enjoyed making some holiday pieces..

I haven't really found any new Santa's this holiday for my collection . . . it seems like there's not a whole lot out there, as far as anything unique or different, thats really what I look for.  

Most of all . . . what's most important this Christmas is the birth of Christ . . . that is something that will never change and I'll never stop celebrating everyday and not just at Christmas.

God is good . . . isn't he?

Luke 2:1-40  "The Birth of Jesus"

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Something Handmade . . .

I'm little bit too busy working this Christmas season to really make any presents this year . . . but I had a chance to cross stitch a couple of projects  . . . just completed this beautiful angel from Praire Schooler.  I thought I would put her next to my nativity.  I found the perfect frame for her last night while Christmas shopping with my daughter Cassandra,  hope you are all enjoying this beautiful season . . xo

Friday, December 5, 2014

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Little Christmas Merry . . .

Started to decorate just a little bit  . . . sort of simple this year, it seems to get less decorated every year.  The standing angel in this first pic was a Christmas gift my Mom gave me several years ago.  She some how broke when we were moved two years ago, but I actually thinks she looks better this way.    I love this terracotta nativity set my brother gave me when my kids were small.  So pretty to look at  . . .

This year I was able to make a couple of cross stitch pieces for Christmas, this pattern was in french, was not able to make out the name of it, but absolutely love it  . . .  back it with polk-a-dot fabric, loved how it came out  . . . too cute, sort of a silly look to it.  The poms poms go so well with it and what a pain joy it was sewing the trim on.

A little bit of "Tom & Jerry" too . . . this is really for egg nog but I love the pine cones that Rexy and I have collected over the past few months, I added little bit of foam green wired ribbon to it.  

Monday, December 1, 2014

It's My Favorite Time of the Year . . .

Oh my is it Christmas time already . . . where did the year go?  It's seems to come quicker and quicker each year as I get older.  Anyways I love this time of the year . . . sometime about it seems so special.  I love the feeling of cozy and warm . . . especially when decorating the homestead.  I've made a couple of cross stitch projects, sort of excited to display them too.  I won't be making any presents this year, too busy working.  I'm thinking simple and sweet this year and just enjoying the holidays :O)

Friday, November 28, 2014

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Thankful Greeting

Hope it's a beautiful one  . . . don't forget to tell your loved one how special they are, I know I will.    Happy Thanksgiving my friends and family :O) xoxo