Saturday, November 19, 2016

Only Gratitude . . . The kids are coming home :O)

It always feels good when the kids come home  . . . I started to prepare the house for company.  A coffee station is always good.  Rexy and I have really been working hard around the house, and its finally starting to look real pretty. 

You could see the doors that still need to be hanged in the living room.  Hoping for carpet by Christmas, might not be until after . . . we will see.  Loving the gray paint with the white trim.

Gratitude has been on my heart for so many things lately . . . life has had so many seasons of challenges . . . feels sort of odd when things come to a calm.  I'm definitely going to enjoy it for now. 

Rexy and I attended church this afternoon, Pastor mentioned writing a thank you list for all the good in our lives.  They say when you praise God with gratitude, it is like a sacrifice.  Rexy had a health scare about a month ago.  We immediately went in prayer and gave it to God to handle.  Every time we started to worry about it, we would stop and pray about it right away.  When he went back to the doctor's office he was pleasantly surprise, it turned out to be nothing.  Right after he left the doctor's office he stopped by my workplace and told me. It so stunned me, we both looked at each other, started laughing with joy and thought it must have been the praying.  PRAYER WORKS!  This will be a very special Thanksgiving for both of us.

Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus   1 Thessalonians 5:18

Well, went to a vintage swap meet with a girlfriend from work and found this adorable little gold elephant bank  . . . loving it. This little piece is from the 1930's, made out of cast iron. Just too sweet. Definitely will go back to this swap meet next month.   Looking forward to cooking for my babies aka grown children, hope you all have a beautiful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.  Blessings!