Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!  Love this pic  . . . found it on Google.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sewing Away Over Here . . .

Last year around Thanksgiving, my sweet sister-in-law Chris, brought me a box of vintage sewing goods from her Mom, some of  these sewing pieces belonged to her Grandmother.  I instantly fell in love but didn't have much of a desire at that time to create any new dolls. All that love for creating went away for awhile after Dave passed away.  I put the box away.   Since I started sewing again a couple of months ago, I remembered the box and brought it out and opened it again . .

I found this vintage navy collar, looks like it came off a dress or a blouse  . . it's so pretty.  I ran over to the fabric store and found some fabric to match pretty close to the same color with a simple pattern on it for  a new creation.
 My newest creation  . . . I added this adorable elephant to one of my dolls.  Mom and I went to a rummage sale last Saturday and found a bunch of sequins and sewing goodies, I also found this black and pink salmon color throw in the background, all for six dollars.  Rummage sales are so much fun.  I added a few of those sequins to my elephant.  Ok . . . time to go back to the sewing machine.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Been a little busy lately . . . making some dolls

 Here's the girls . . . little bit of a prairie thing going on . . the one in the gray dress is called "Kitty Kitty", she is wearing a brooch with the word cherish and is holding a gray kitty, the red one is called "Key to your Heart", she holding a purple velvet heart with a vintage key in her hand and the maroon one is called "Sweet Ellie", she's holding the posies.