Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Eve Memories

We started the evening off with dinner at one of our favorite dining spots . . . Al's Palace in Costa Mesa.  Truly great chinese food.  We spent the rest of the evening at Eagle Hills in Brea.  The Christmas lights are absolutely stunning.  Certainly got a good walk in after all the chinese food we ate. Definitely recommend seeing it if you haven't yet.

Davey (Mr Scrooge), my oldest son chose not to go with us to Eagle Hills to see the Christmas lights . . . you missed out Davey.  We came back home and I made some hot cocoa for all of us, shared it along with a box of See's candy.  I'm staying away from the scale for awhile . . LOL!

Christmas Eve night was just beautiful  . . .  especially being with all my kids :O) xo

Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas . . . . xo

You know he's the one behind all this  . . . a special kind of love for sure, Blessings!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Celebration . . . Eastside Church

What a wonderful evening it was last night at Eastside Church . . . "Journey to Christmas".  Rexy, Cassandra and I attended this event and had such a nice time.  Eastside really goes all the way out to celebrate the Christmas season.  The pics are sort of hard to see because of the lighting, the beautiful colors and graphic displays along with some beautiful voices . .  definitely felt like we were in a Winter wonderland.  This pic of Cassandra looks like she has something on her nose, but its the reflection of all the colorful light displays.

The Senior Pastor, Gene Appel always has such a positive message along with his normal humorous ways . . . you can always count on a little laughter too.

Afterwards, we went out for chinese food and then went to pick up the Christmas tree.  We picked a different kind of tree this year, a "Fraser Fir", it cost a little bit more than our normal pick, a "Noble Fir", the Fraser Fir is a very pretty tree with a strong pine citrus smell, making the homestead smell wonderful.  Again a change for the positive . . . so looking forward to this Christmas celebration.  Blessings :O) xo

Monday, December 15, 2014

Changes . . . Christmas Time

I'm sure enjoying this Christmas holiday . . . its funny how much we can change over the years.  Years earlier I used to put so much stuff (decorations) out for the holiday season.  I don't put as much stuff out as I used to.  I like to put just a little out here and there around the homestead.  Really just my most favorite things.  Seems like I'm so busy lately, my daughter Cassandra and I still have to get the Christmas tree before the boys come home next week.  Looking so forward to having both of my boys home :O).  This year I started wrapping a little bit early.  I used to wrap everything on Christmas Eve, getting too old for that now, trying to do it the smart way.

The last couple of years, I sure got back into cross stitching and have really enjoyed making some holiday pieces..

I haven't really found any new Santa's this holiday for my collection . . . it seems like there's not a whole lot out there, as far as anything unique or different, thats really what I look for.  

Most of all . . . what's most important this Christmas is the birth of Christ . . . that is something that will never change and I'll never stop celebrating everyday and not just at Christmas.

God is good . . . isn't he?

Luke 2:1-40  "The Birth of Jesus"

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Something Handmade . . .

I'm little bit too busy working this Christmas season to really make any presents this year . . . but I had a chance to cross stitch a couple of projects  . . . just completed this beautiful angel from Praire Schooler.  I thought I would put her next to my nativity.  I found the perfect frame for her last night while Christmas shopping with my daughter Cassandra,  hope you are all enjoying this beautiful season . . xo

Friday, December 5, 2014

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Little Christmas Merry . . .

Started to decorate just a little bit  . . . sort of simple this year, it seems to get less decorated every year.  The standing angel in this first pic was a Christmas gift my Mom gave me several years ago.  She some how broke when we were moved two years ago, but I actually thinks she looks better this way.    I love this terracotta nativity set my brother gave me when my kids were small.  So pretty to look at  . . .

This year I was able to make a couple of cross stitch pieces for Christmas, this pattern was in french, was not able to make out the name of it, but absolutely love it  . . .  back it with polk-a-dot fabric, loved how it came out  . . . too cute, sort of a silly look to it.  The poms poms go so well with it and what a pain joy it was sewing the trim on.

A little bit of "Tom & Jerry" too . . . this is really for egg nog but I love the pine cones that Rexy and I have collected over the past few months, I added little bit of foam green wired ribbon to it.  

Monday, December 1, 2014

It's My Favorite Time of the Year . . .

Oh my is it Christmas time already . . . where did the year go?  It's seems to come quicker and quicker each year as I get older.  Anyways I love this time of the year . . . sometime about it seems so special.  I love the feeling of cozy and warm . . . especially when decorating the homestead.  I've made a couple of cross stitch projects, sort of excited to display them too.  I won't be making any presents this year, too busy working.  I'm thinking simple and sweet this year and just enjoying the holidays :O)