Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blog World Equals LOVE

I miss you guys too much  . . . you can really feel the absence of love when you're away from blogging.  Blog world has been only a blessing in my life.  I've been too busy getting use to living without Dave and working to survive.  I think when I bury my head in my work, it doesn't give me time to think about my life.   Since Dave has passed and gone to the other side, I've learned that all you need is love to survive.  Love is so powerful . . . even death cannot stop love, sometimes I can feel Dave all around me . . . love conquers all is such a true statement.  Everything else does not matter . . . 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Beautiful Momma!

My Momma, sister Debbie and I, along with my daughter Cassandra went to Molly's in Old Town Upland today for an early morning breakfast and a little bit of shopping too . . . these are the best memories and always lots of chatter and laughter.  The only one that was missing was my oldest sister Jeri who lives in Texas . . . Happy Momma Day's Mom!