Friday, February 16, 2018

How Did Your Valentines Go?

Mine started first thing in the morning  . . . Rexy put a bouquet of flowers in my watering bucket on top of the kitchen counter . . . he’s too funny.  Naturally, I put the flowers in a nice vase and set up a small Valentine display.

The pic of Rexy standing by the “rust bucket” as we called this old car of his, which he was heart-broken when he sold it a couple of weeks ago.   I just happened to take this picture of him with his beloved car prior to selling it.  The car actually belonged to his Mom.  He bought the car from his parents about 28 years ago and continued to drive it all this time.  This was part of his Valentines Day present along with the cute little pig . . . he has a small collection of pigs that he loves.  He really loved the picture.  

I had to work on Valentine’s Day but we ended the day by going out to dinner to “The Habor House” in Dana Point.  It was a very pleasant day :O)

Monday, February 12, 2018

Sweetness is in the air . . . “He Loves Me Not” (DOLL FOR SALE)


19 inches long, black painted hair and face.  Body is made out of dyed muslin. Vintage buttons for eyes.  Floral dress w/floral trimmed petticoat.  Wool felted heart with flowers w/beaded stems.  Saying attached to wrist “He Loves Me Not”.  Vintage lavender grosgrain ribbon bow under her neck. 

Price:  $56.00 (plus shipping and handling) 

Friday, February 2, 2018

Sweet Valentines

Who doesn’t love Valentines Day . . . there is always someone for somebody to love.  
My favorite memorie for Valentines Day was writing love letters to my kids when they were little.  They have never forgotten that . . . I think every parent should do that for their kids, it’s a beautiful memorie for them.  I’m glad I did that for my kids.

I asked Rexy, what our plans were for Valentine’s Day . .  his response was what do you do?  I said, “What?”  I might be celebrating Valentine’s Day all my myself lol!

One time my daughter and I had a Valentine’s Craft Party.  We had about eight ladies who all brought  some crafting materials to share.  Everyone seem to enjoy it,  it was lots of fun too.

I definitely need to start doing those kind of things again . . . I’ve been praying for some new crafting ideas . . . waiting to see what the Lord will bring to my mind.

Love is a powerful thing, it can make you certainly do some crazy things . . . 

Got this new bucket and absolutely look forward to changing the flower out with the seasons.  These little flowers cost me almost nothing but look so cute in this bucket.  Perfect color for my Valentine decorations.  Hope you are having fun decorating a little bit for the upcoming holiday.  Blessings and Happy Valentine’s Day! xo