Monday, June 13, 2016

Life has changed . . . Again :O)

Hi there!  Its been a while since I've posted anything. For some of you in Blogland, you know my history and how important my family has always been to me.  I started this blog just for fun and had no idea how important it would become to me as time passed by.  My very first posting was in the month of December 09.  My husband Dave and I had already been through some tough years, Cassandra my youngest, had already survived a horrible car accident and I thought at that time we were finish for awhile, it was only the beginning.   My beloved husband Dave passed away unexpectedly that following year in July 2010, four days after 4th of July, since then that holiday has become a sad one now.  My middle son had just graduated three weeks prior from UC Davis, we had just returned from a wonderful family celebration and life threw a good one at us.  I suddenly had to learn Property Management and jump into my husband's work, replacing him immediately.  There was bills to pay and I had to think fast.  Brian, my middle son relocated right away to Wisconsin, taking a position in the City of Madison.  I managed to hang on for two years and then I had to downsized from a four bedroom, three bath ranch style home to a two bedroom apartment with my two college aged children, Davey and Cassandra along with a 60 pound American Pitt Bull dog.  It was more than I could ever imagine getting through, but we did, we survived.

Davey my oldest son, later took a position in Boulder, Colorado and relocated there in January 2014, about a week after Christmas.  It was just Cassandra and I after that.  We decided at that time,  it would be best to downsized to even a smaller place, a one bedroom apartment.  It was challenging, not a whole lot of room for two people and a big dog.  Our bedroom became a storage room, filled with cardboard boxes to the ceiling.  We managed  . . . again.

Buttons my dog, really became my best friend through those challenging years.  She never left my side, would always sleep right by my bed, always waiting to go for a walk. With lots of regret, later that year we had to put Buttons down, her hind quarters went out, which is quite common for larger dogs.  We had Buttons for 11 years and she was one of my best.

Have you heard that saying, "Every once in a while, life brings you a fairytale"  . . . In January 2014, I started dating a new friend of mine, by the name of "Rex" aka "Rexy".  I've posted often of all the motorcycle adventures we've been on and always having fun doing something.  We continued to grow closer, Rexy was broken just like I was.  We both found a "center point" and never left each others side after that.

In January 2015, Rexy asked me to move in with him.  I wasn't quite ready for that big change in my life yet, Cassandra was still living at home with me and I couldn't leave her like that, after all that had happened in the years prior.  I decided that I would give it a year to think about, this would let me prepare Cassandra, my youngest to live on her own.  Dave and I always told her she would live at home until she married, that didn't happen.  Meanwhile, Rexy and I started to work on his home.

In January 2016, I told Rexy I  was ready to move in with him.  Cassandra and I ended our Lease June 2016.  To say proudly, Cassandra moved into her own one bedroom apartment and I relocated to Rexy's home in Mission Viejo, California.  Rexy and I have worked on this home for over a year now and its finally coming together.  We were hoping it would be done by the time I moved in, but we probably have a couple more months to go before it's fully completed.

Thats Cassandra's stuff ready to move to her own place

I don't know what lies in front of me, as I move forward in this life of mine, but with God's blessing and mercy I hope it's filled with some wonderful memories for us and of course, with our families too.  Rexy has two daughters and I have two sons and a daughter whom all get along with each other real well and have known each other for quite awhile before Rexy and I ever met.

With all these changes, the only thing that stayed consistent was my faith with God  . . . he never left me.  He showed me the way, even when I didn't know which way to go  . . .