Thursday, February 19, 2015

Got Something New :O)

Rexy always has a way of surprising me  . . . I just fell in love with this wallet the first time I seen it.  We were actually at the Harley Davidson dealership about a month ago looking for a riding jacket and I came upon this lovely wallet at the register . . . So on Valentines Day Rexy surprised me with this wallet.  Loving it!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine's Day For Rexy & Sandy

Valentine's Day turned out to be a wonderful, beautiful weather day.  Rexy and I decided to return to Point Vicente Park in Palos Verdes for a picnic.  Point Vicente Park was the first place we went to on our first date over a year ago.

We made a small lunch for two, turkey sandwiches on fresh wheat bagels with homemade potato salad, some chips and soda too.

Rexy had a surprise ending for our lunch  . . . 2 Snickers bars of course, we couldn't forget those  . . . he added our names to them  . . . so sweet!

The weather was absolutely perfect  . . . so pretty :O)

We probably should have worn shorts and not jeans . . . was a little warm.

After we ate our lunch we did some whale watching and only was able to see one,  we walk the trail along the coast and then walk over to the light house and enjoyed the views there.  

We returned home to a heart shaped strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting, that I had made earlier  that morning before we left for the day . . .  oh and lets not forget along with vanilla ice cream and Valentines Day presents . . it was a special day and fun too! xoxo

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Loving my New Hat :O)

I've been loving my new hat  . . . never really wore hats before until I met Rexy.  Being on the motorcycle I tend to get "helmet hair" which really doesn't look too attractive at times.  These hats work.  I'm getting ready to do a posting on how I celebrated Valentine's Day.  Hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather in Cali . . . I know we sure are :O)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Beach Time . . . Already?

Getting ready to go to the beach today and watch the big waves that are suppose to come in . . . always fun to go to the beach with Rexy.  We don't sit around at the beach, usually chasing or running away from each other and of course, always taking long walks on the shore.  Rexy called yesterday and ask if he should bring us lunch in a mini ice chest and of course I agreed . . . LOL!  Looking forward to a good time :O)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Making a Difference with a Snickers Bar . . . happier days for sure . . . (Part II)

Update! Since this is the month of February and we are getting so close to Valentine's Day,  I though it would be a perfect time to post.  If you don't know it already  . . . Rexy has given me a Snickers Bar every month on the 22nd to celebrate our first date together back in January 2014.  He has gotten pretty creative each time he's given me one  . . . I wonder when he's going to run out of ideas after awhile  . . . LOL!

For the ninth month  . . . "9 lives", a little different

 For the tenth month  . . . this was too cute :O)

For the eleventh month . . . ok

 and for the 12th month with 12 mini snickers inside the tin  . . . with this one, I think someones getting a little tired and not so creative . .  LOL!

I thought this has been pretty admirable of Rexy to do this for one year  . . . I told him he doesn't have to keep doing it  . . . but he wants to continue.  Thank you Rexy you always touch my heart xo.

On a down note, I got a new iphone and lost 3 months of the Snickers Bar pics, sort of bum me out a little.  Make sure to check out the original posting from July 2014 :O)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Valentine's Day . . . Creating Again

 It always fun to get ready for Valentine's Day  . . . especially because I actually have someone in my life again.  I recently put up my Valentine's Tree with some cute creations on it . . . same old ones, nothing new just yet.  I've decided to make some simple heart garland for my tree.  Didn't really realized how many hearts I needed for such a small tree . . . I've cut about nineteen of them and probably need double of that.

 Thinking of making this heart below for a sweet girlfriend of mine with her and her husbands' names on it, I know she'll just love it too.  I do the stitching on my sewing machine freehand.  My machine broke last week, thought I needed a new cable for the side wheel but it just needed to be tightened, without my sewing machine I actually feel so lost . . . I love to sew :O)