Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Springtime fresh!

Spring is in the air and life is good  . . . Our Winter came and left in a hurry I might say.  It always feels good to freshen things up a bit :O) Blessings!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Something is pecking around here . . .

Setting up some chickens today  . . . not real ones, but these look pretty real . . . don't they?  Rexy surprised me with the hen and I had to go back and get the rooster.  These guys are just too cute together, aren't they?  They're sitting on the shelf in our dining area of the kitchen. There designed to hang over the edge of the shelf like that.   Rexy and I seem to like lots of animals around the house.  Sort of like  . . . Life on the farm . . . LOL!  Hope you are having a blessed Friday today :O)

Friday, March 3, 2017

Candy might make the difference . . .

These pics probably look a little bit better  . . . adding some more color is always fun!  It's another beautiful day in sunny California  . . . thank you God!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Is it too early to say . . . Spring?

 I finally have a "me room" for myself again  . . . boy did I miss it.  Loving that I actually have the room to decorate again for the different seasons.  Well, I thought I would do a little decorating for Spring time this morning.  Here in California we have had so much rain, we actually have a sunny day again and it feels so good to see the Sun shining again.  Rain can get depressing after awhile for sure.

I got these super cute honeycomb style easter eggs a couple of years ago and found them earlier this year when I was unpacking some boxes.  I only have three of them, small, medium and large.  Loving the look of them, hoping they don't fade after awhile, but that might look nice too.  Anyways, I need to fill my rabbit jar with some jelly beans or chocolate eggs . . . yum yum!

I thought I would also fill the bottom basket with some colored plastic Easter eggs . . . time to go to JoAnns for a Easter hunt.  Hope you are all enjoying your day.  Blessings!