Thursday, July 28, 2011

Don't Quit Blogging "Lili"

I started blogging in December 2009.  I originally started a blog because I loved all the pretty artwork I could post, especially vintage post cards around the holidays.  Sort of, kind of a decorating thing.  Did that for about 6 months and then Dave died.  I had no idea Dave was going to suffer a fatal heart attack and I was going to become a widow at an early age (mind you I didn't say young) and I  would be in need of some dear friends to read my thoughts and comment back some of kindest thoughts and words that would lift me up and make me keep on going.  Mind you, I 've never met any of these people in person, but yet they would so touch my heart and I would want to hear back from them and see the pics they were going to post about a trip they took, or their kids getting married, or decorating a new house and sometimes about something they were going through that wasn't easy, like a death of a family member, an ill child or moving to a new state.  I would want to check on them and see if they were ok.  Sometimes my kids would say who are you talking about, you've never seen these people and I would say with confidence,  only a person who blogs knows what I'm talking about . . knows how special it is and how rewarding it can be. 

When I returned to work after Dave passed away, I didn't have very much time to blog anymore.  It would get too late and I would have to get to bed to get up in the morning and go again.  The weekend would come and I would have to run errands now that my husband wasn't around to help me.  And then I started noticing how much I started missing blogging and realized what a difference it had made in my life . . . I missed my blog friends.  Blogging is positive and it allows you to express yourself as much as you want and as honest as you want to be without being judged.  It makes you reach out to others and you become a much more positive person for doing so . . I know I have, I appreciate the little things a whole lot more and that makes me happy:O)

For those of you that are thinking of not blogging anymore . . . there's people out there that count on you to be there and look forward to hearing from you . . you make a difference . . I know in my life you do.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Recyclying Mom's Stuff

Mom had a garage sale . . she always has good stuff from years of collecting.  I found these miniature pieces of art, 4"x 5" and pick them up right away to take home with me.  They were in maple frames, sort of early american, not really my style.  My Dad remove them from the frames, I wiped them down a  bit and they looked great. The first two pics are from my kitchen window and the second two are from my desk.  I've had this neat little easel out of brass that fit the miniature art perfectly.  It was a happy dance moment:O)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Forth of July!

Nothin fancy here  . . . just hot dogs, macaroni salad and brownies, maybe throw in a firework or two!