Friday, February 5, 2010

Been thinking about Etsy for my Dolls

I've been sewing alot lately . . . the weather has been perfect here in Chino, cold and rainy.   Here's a little peek at some of the dolls I've created.  This past week, I've made the decision to stop doing craft shows and load my creations onto Etsy.  It's lot less work and so easy to do from my home computer.  Blogging has been a big help for me.  Any comments regarding the pros and cons of Etsy would sure be helpful.  Definitely, need to get a better camera and learn how to take better pics!  Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I love the last Esty with the crow! I'm going to get one of these to treasure! I will email you! YAY its the weekend! ENJOY YOUR DAY'S

  2. Etsy is a wonderful venue, I think you'll enjoy the ease of use too. Your dolls are delightful, just seeing someone else's work inspires me to try new things! Oh, and there's a place on Etsy to create a button for your blog too. ~Lili

  3. Do it! I have done craft shows in the past, High fees, dragging stuff there and setting up, trapped rain or heat or bad traffic. Etsy is easy, super cheap to list, reaches people all over the world and is unaffected by micro economies. It reaches the people who want to buy! I will never go back to the old way. I've shipped all over the world and I love it!

  4. Sweet dolls...you really have talent! I can barely sew on a button;) Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

  5. You wont lose anything by trying it out! Good Luck.

    Thank you for your comment, the hot Toddie was great!!


  6. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Your dolls are wonderful and I think they would do very well on Etsy. Best wishes to you as you pursue this endeavor. ~jermaine~