Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cassandra is turning 20 this month!

My beautiful daughter is turning 20 years old on the 21st of this month.  When I found out I was pregnant with her, I was already 2 1/2 months pregnant.  It was a quick pregnancy.  I thought for sure  I've have another boy . . to my surprise "a girl".  She was the cherry on the dessert.  This child is sweet inside and out, what you see is what you get.  Earlier last year, she was involved in a terrible car accident.  My husband and I thought she had a minor fender bender, when her girlfriend called and told us.  We jump in the car and rush to the accident.  The accident took place on the freeway at night, as we got closer to the accident, all the traffic was back up, a strange feeling came over me and I knew this traffic was from the accident.  When we arrived, about 12 firemen were around the car, using the jaws of life to cut her out of the car. All I could do was cover my mouth because I was afraid I was going to start screaming like a crazy woman.  I don't wish this on my worst enemy.  It's a horrible thing to go through as a parent, to see your child and can't do anything but wait.   She was driving, she had a blow out in the left rear tire, she spinned in the middle of the freeway and then came to a stop and thats when she was broadsided by a pick up truck at full speed.  It's a miracle she's alive today and walking with no limp.  She was on a walker for 3 1/2 months after leaving the hospital.  She shattered her pelvis, broke two ribs, bruised her kidneys along with scratches and scraps from the glass shattering.   God is amazing . . nothing is impossible for God . . prayer works!  I thought I would share some current pics of my beautiful daughter, Cassandra.


  1. She really is BEAUTIFUL! Happy Birthday to her. Thanks for sharing this story...makes us all appreciate our loved ones a bit more.

    Take care.

  2. God is so good! She is a beautiful young lady!
    My daughter, who's my firstborn, turned 30 this past week, and all I could think was, "HOW did this happen so quickly?"

  3. She is beautiful! So glad she is ok. That is a parents nightmare. Miracles do excist. She has a purpose here on Earth and God hears and answers prayers. Thanks for sharing! XO

  4. She is so beautiful! I am glad she is ok too...one of our sons had two major accidents while young...I know what you felt.

  5. What a happy ending...thank goodness. And what a beauty she is. Why do our babies have to grow up???
    Your stitchery below is just ADORABLE!

  6. Hi there,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice comments. Your daughter is so pretty, and looks so sweet. So glad everything turned out good for her.
    Have a happy day,

  7. And beautiful she is. What a blessing! ☺

  8. Happy Birthday to your precious daughter. I cannot imagine what you must have gone through that night that you described. It was hard to read, much less than to have gone through something like that. Blessings to you and your entire family. ~Lili