Saturday, September 18, 2010

Look what Mama bought me!

As you all know, on Saturdays, Moma and I get up early and go to yard sales . . . this morning we had a change of heart, stopped at the "Speckled Hen" in Old Upland Village and I fell in love with this mixed media piece by Kelly Rae Roberts.  With everything that has happened in this life of mine lately, this message says it all, "Tell your story, believe in healing, honor your intuition, take the journey back to your self, wear more skirts . . . begin today"  This message rings so true in my heart.

Love you Moma . . .



  1. You are so blessed to have your Moma right now! That is special! LOVE IT! XO

  2. This piece of art is so meaningful. It has all the right messages... I love it, love it, love it.

    Been busy the past weeks, but this morning I spent time here at your blog place reading the blog posts I have missed. So sweet, so gentle your heart is.

    I created a separate category on my blog sidebar entitled "Keeping You Close." Just for you and Elaine, another dear blog friend.

    Just wanted you to know I am keeping you close to my heart, dear Sandy.

    Glad to know Brian's back. How long is he staying?

    Praying for you still...

  3. Hello Sandy:) It's such a lovely piece with the perfect words. And so sweet of your mother to get it for you:) Hugs to you always...

  4. Hi again Sandy, You made me cry today! Yes we are now special friends. Someday I hope to meet and have lunch with you! You make a difference in my life! Prayers continue your way! XO

  5. beautiful. you are so blessed to have such a loving mother and family that cushions you with support. and i am sure that they are this way because you give the impression of being one wonderful lady.

  6. Sandy, I found a Kelly Rae Roberts 2011 calendar at TJ Maxx! I snatched it up!
    Hug you, Cheryl