Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sushi at Shoguns

Cassandy and I went to Shoguns in Chino Hills for lunch today  . . . we love sushi!  It was nice to sit, relax and enjoy each others company.  As usual the weather is always nice in California.  Dave, myself and the kids used to go here often for lunch sometimes dinner.  Funny thing, both of us eyed a heart in our food, my rice and her "california roll" . . .  funny  . . sort of cute too. 


  1. Oh I love sushi too... we have several Japanese restaurants here in Bacolod City... and last 2003 when I visited my sister who lives in the East Coast, we ate lots of sushi in Washington DC.

    Lovely hearts... amazing!


  2. My hubby is the sushi fan, not me! I love the rice heart, though...I've been seeing "hearts" in a lot of things lately{seems fitting for the month, I suppose:} Have a wonderful weekend, dear Sandy!!

  3. I see a *Sparkle coming back into your heart! God has stayed besided you and he loves you! CELEBRATE!!!! Enjoy the weekend! XO

  4. Sounds like you and your daughter had a beautiful day Sandy. For some reason the hearts always jump out at me when I see them too. That is very cool that you each had them. xo ~Lili