Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blog World Equals LOVE

I miss you guys too much  . . . you can really feel the absence of love when you're away from blogging.  Blog world has been only a blessing in my life.  I've been too busy getting use to living without Dave and working to survive.  I think when I bury my head in my work, it doesn't give me time to think about my life.   Since Dave has passed and gone to the other side, I've learned that all you need is love to survive.  Love is so powerful . . . even death cannot stop love, sometimes I can feel Dave all around me . . . love conquers all is such a true statement.  Everything else does not matter . . . 


  1. So true. Hi Sandy. I'm sure this has been a hard weekend for you. Thankfully you are among those who know love. I can't imagine going through life not have ever experienced the bond of a soul mate. A treasure forever. Hang in there. All is well our way. I'll post soon. XO, Sharon

  2. Sandy,
    It is so good to see you back here. I cannot imagine all you are working through. Please stay in touch. So many care about you.

  3. Been missing you! Sending you lots of "blog love" from my little corner of the world:) xo

  4. Sandy,
    Welcome back. Blog world is indeed unique. I'm glad you can feel Dave's love and I think you will as long as you need to.
    xo, Love, Cheryl

  5. Hi Sandy
    Glad to see a new post from you.

    Yes, love is powerful. Oh Sandy, I know what you mean. I know how it feels to miss a loved one...

    May God's love be real to you even as you are adjusting to life without Dave.

    Keeping you close...


  6. Oh Sandy, you have such a positive outlook and I'm so glad pouring yourself into your work has been helpful for you. But being able to feel Dave's love still surround you makes me so happy for you. Love is so powerful, even the grave cannot take it away. Blessings and love to you dear Sandy. xo ~Lili

  7. Sandy

    Love is powerful. Dont miss it in your everyday life. Let others touch your heart. Look in your life. Love comes in all different ways. A smile, kind words, sometimes no words at all. You have many people who have placed you in their heart. Stay close