Saturday, July 23, 2011

Recyclying Mom's Stuff

Mom had a garage sale . . she always has good stuff from years of collecting.  I found these miniature pieces of art, 4"x 5" and pick them up right away to take home with me.  They were in maple frames, sort of early american, not really my style.  My Dad remove them from the frames, I wiped them down a  bit and they looked great. The first two pics are from my kitchen window and the second two are from my desk.  I've had this neat little easel out of brass that fit the miniature art perfectly.  It was a happy dance moment:O)


  1. Sandy, these art pieces are beautiful and have done a perfect job of brightening up the little corners where you placed them. The colors are subdued, but they are lovely and full of gentle life.

    I enjoyed the photos you shared, always happy for an opportunity to reconnect with you.


  2. That looks so fun! Love the photo's. A TREASURE! Our daughters Wedding was beautiful and went well. Now we are back home. I'll keep you updated on my next blog post. I'll post pics in a week or so of the wedding. Maybe I can get in a sneek peak soon. Hope you summer is going well. I head back for orientation next week and then start back to work on the 12th. I can't complain, having the summer off is the life. TAKE CARE and GOD BLESS, XO, Sharon

  3. They are beautiful pieces and such treasures since they were your Mom's.


  4. So lovely! I love to "recycle" treasures that once belonged to my parents'!!