Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sewing Away Over Here . . .

Last year around Thanksgiving, my sweet sister-in-law Chris, brought me a box of vintage sewing goods from her Mom, some of  these sewing pieces belonged to her Grandmother.  I instantly fell in love but didn't have much of a desire at that time to create any new dolls. All that love for creating went away for awhile after Dave passed away.  I put the box away.   Since I started sewing again a couple of months ago, I remembered the box and brought it out and opened it again . .

I found this vintage navy collar, looks like it came off a dress or a blouse  . . it's so pretty.  I ran over to the fabric store and found some fabric to match pretty close to the same color with a simple pattern on it for  a new creation.
 My newest creation  . . . I added this adorable elephant to one of my dolls.  Mom and I went to a rummage sale last Saturday and found a bunch of sequins and sewing goodies, I also found this black and pink salmon color throw in the background, all for six dollars.  Rummage sales are so much fun.  I added a few of those sequins to my elephant.  Ok . . . time to go back to the sewing machine.


  1. Oh that lil' elephant is a cutie! So glad that you're enjoying sewing again, Sandy:)

  2. Sandy, that box of goodies is magnificent! Love the litte grey guy. Can't wait to see what you do with the collar...ruffles are certainly all the rage!
    xo, Cheryl

  3. Love the elephant! Bless you, You've got some zeal for life back! Hope you sewing days are feeled with peace and joy and even more contentment. Keep it up! Love you my friend, Sharon

  4. The vintage collar is so pretty! Are you going to use it on a dainty top for yourself?

    Oh, the elephant is really cute, did you make it by hand?

    Such a delight to be seeing the new things you have been making. I honestly wish we were neighbors. Well, it's not too far fetched an idea. One of these days I might visit California again (I did in 2003) - I have close friends in San Diego, in Fremont, in San Rafael, and family in Gardena. Do you live anywhere near these places?


  5. Hi Lidia, I'm actually about 45 mins from Gardena. Yes, it would fun to get together and actually meet you. All items attached to my dolls are handmade by me. That's the best part of making each one of my dolls is adding a theme to them. Blessings, Sandy:O)

  6. Oh Sandy, I can just feel the happiness over here with all of your recent sewing going on. I too love a good rummage sale! You cracked me up with your last comment to me about having a Lucy/Ethel moment. I can assure you I didn't have an assembly line going with that chocolate...you could easily do it! Why look at that adorable elephant you created, you are talented girl!! xo ~Lili

  7. Happy sewing Sandy :)

    Have a great wekend!

    Sandy xoc

  8. Hi,
    I popped over to read you after your comment to me. I love your dolls. SO cute. My girls and I are having a holiday show in a few weeks. I just help now and let them do most of the work. I sure love junking and crafting. I wish I could sew like you!!