Thursday, January 19, 2012

Feeling Sick

The flu has arrived and sick in bed  . . . I was so excited to start this new year 2012 . . go figure, too funny. Anyways, my sister Deb brought over some chicken soup tonight for dinner and it was delicious . . . Debbie loves to cook and bake, so of course, the chicken soup was homemade, even better.

Thank you Deb . . .  love you:O)


  1. Chicken soup is great for flu - the nutritious stuff from the chicken bones has healing properties! We cook chicken soup from organic chicken, so yummy! Get well soon!


  2. Sandy,
    Feel better my friend. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the flu does not arrive here.
    The soup looks amazing.

  3. The flu is a nasty bug...so sorry he "bit" you! Wishing you well, dear Sandy:) xo

  4. There is nothing quite like sisters -I have 3 - to help in your time of need...hoping you feel better soon!!

  5. Just checking in...hope you kicked that flu bug's "you-know-what"!! xo

  6. I hope you feel better now. I am currently sick with the flu and I wish some one dropped off some soup for me too... I love your idea of writing love letters to the kids for Valentine's day. I might have to do that this year. Have a great weekend!

    Sandy :)

  7. By now, I'm sure that nasty bug is just a thing of the past... What a wonderful Sis you have and I'm sure you would do the same for her too! xo ~Lili