Saturday, July 7, 2012

Went to Crystal Cove Beach yesterday with my son Davey and friends. It was so nice to be by the water again. Got to see some dolphins playing in the water too. I packed some sandwiches for Davey and I. I must have not closed the container good enough before putting them in the ice chest, sandwiches were a little soggy, actually they were terrible. We ended up throwing them away. So are lunch was scooter pies, sour cream dip and chips along with soda and water. Next time I visit the beach, definitely will bring a lot more sunguard, came home a little burnt yesterday. Happy Summer:O)


  1. Soggy sammies are yucky!!!! ;-)
    The beach, however is not!
    No dolphins in Rhode Island!!!

  2. I'm happy to read this post, it brought a smile to my heart, dear Sandy.

    Forget about the soggy sandwiches... keep the warm memories.


  3. I'm glad you got to relax at the beach regardless. Aloe works great on a sun burn!


  4. A day at the beach is always a good day, in my book:)

  5. Hi Sandy :0) So glad to hear you have your own place. Life will only get better! I need a beach day too! My dear friend, you are special and I appreciate your friendship. So many times your encouraging words bring tears to my eyes. XO

  6. The beach sounds divine. I haven't been in the sun hardly at all this summer. I have tried supplementing color with some lotion but ended up looking like I needed kidney meds. I am rocking my lily white for now. :)

  7. BTW my doll is holding a seed package for summer. I put her scarf and tree up for a bit. I cannot wait to get her a little black cat or pumpkin - bring on the Fall!

  8. Glad you had a day at the beach even if it wasn't perfect. We could use a little more sun right about now, but I am trying to be satisfied with what I get. It's always greener somewhere else! Blessings to you.