Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fall is almost here :O)

Fall's coming and I want to go shopping so bad . . I live in jeans and boots Fall and Winter and wouldn't have it any other way. Thought I would share some of the goodies I've been "looking" at lately . . . mind you I said looking :O)

Timex came out with a men's watch which I would love for myself called the "Weekender", the gray/orange one is my favorite. I seen it at Target and fell in love with it.

I been wanting to try this nail polish by Butter, love these new shades. Most of the jewelry I wear involves crosses. I found this beautiful necklace on Pinterest.
My only downfall with Fall and Winter is all the goodies I like to bake and eat. I'll blame Pinterest on that . . . they have the best recipes posted.  Blessings, xo


  1. Yes pinterest is quite tempting. I love the fall too!

    Sandy xox

  2. Ahhh yes the fall is approaching. I love wearing boots and jeans too Sandy! xo ~Lili

  3. Fall must be a lovely season, but we don't have fall here. I love jeans and boots - casual is my style. The things you are looking at are all beautiful - the watch, the pendant, the powder blue nail polish. Blue is my fave color.

    Enjoy the autumn season, dear Sandy.