Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bye bye for now . . .

Time to start putting everything away again . . . I felt like we just started having the Christmas season and now its over.  What?  Already took my middle son, Brian back to LAX to return back to Wisconsin. It was so much fun having all the kids home with me.  I sure did alot of cooking too.  Drinking coffee and having breakfast together every morning sure was nice and boy, did we eat plenty.  Cassandra, my daughter started working at Sees Candies, so throw the candy in there too.  One disaster did happen, the coffee maker stopped working.  Cassandra gave me a gift card to Williams-Sonoma for Christmas, I think I'll be using it on a new coffee maker . . . happy dance time :O) The Christmas tree is still fresh to the touch and I hate to take it down just yet.  I think I might keep it up til after the New Year.  I realized as time goes by how much I appreciate my Christmas ornaments even more, they sure don't make them like they used too.  The quality has definitely changed. I really didn't buy any new ones this year, didn't really see any that I liked or had to have. I did add a couple of vintage ones that I found at a garage sale over the past Summer.  One of the ornaments I found was a mercury bell, dated around 1930.  Absolutely love it, the ringer inside of bell has a beaded crystal attached.  I took a pic, but you really can't see the beaded crystal against the mercury inside of the bell.  Well looking forward to the New Year celebration . . blessings :O)

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  1. Beautiful old ornament. I have my favs on the tree. I did find a new one that looks vintage and is a chicken! love to you, Cheryl