Friday, March 8, 2013

Finishing It . . . finally

When we moved last year, I came across an old cross stitch project by Mary Lake Thompson that I never finished.  I was always stopping and starting it.  Too busy raising the kids and then returning back to work. My middle son, Brian was around 3 years old when I started this project.  He is now 25 years old.  So it's been awhile.  I did not have my youngest yet, which is my daughter Cassandra.  I wished I would have done the little girl's hair in medium brown it would have been just perfect.  Anyways, I'm having fun finishing it.  Thinking about turning it into a pillow with some large ric-rac trim.  Here's a peek of it.


  1. It's beautiful, Sandy. To think you began it more than 20 years ago...

  2. Beautiful! Hi My Friend! So excited to see some cross stitch. I'm such a fan. I have many, many undone projects. What a boost for you accomplish this. Hope all is well. I'll update soon. lots happening. XO, Sharon

  3. Oh Sandy, this is beautiful! Love it!