Friday, June 14, 2013

Walking . . . or should I say Hiking

Been enjoying being outdoors and walking, hiking lately.  I walk my dog everyday, usually first thing in the morning for about 30 minutes, sometimes in the evening but not often.  If I'm with my dog, I always feel safe, alone thats another story.  It always fun when you're walking with someone or hiking with a group of friends.  Lately, I have hiked a couple of times at Peter's Canyon in Orange County and really loving it.  It's about a four mile hike.  Uphill climb initially and then downhill on the way back.  It always feels good when done, good for the body.  Been wanting to bring my dog, but I think it might be too hard on her hips.  Buttons will be going on 10 years old.  She's in good shape still, but I can see she's getting tired more often.  Have a great weekend blogland :O)


  1. Hi Sandy I stopped by to read this lovely post... so quiet, so serene. I can tell you are very much at peace within yourself. After all you have been through... know that you are loved and valued, by me!


  2. That's great! I always feel rejuvenated after 30 min. of power walking.

  3. Always a great time with you my dearest friend!