Friday, August 23, 2013

I Just Love Fall . . . Don't You?

Please don't be mad at me . . . I just love this time of the year, Fall's coming and I get so excited.  It's always so much fun to change out the decor of the house.  Found all these images on Pinterest.  

I love this "Jack" cross-stitch pic above . . . 

Don't you just love vintage Halloween decorations . . . 

And of course Thanksgiving  . . . ok, I know I'm moving a little too fast here, I'll stop now, while I'm ahead of the game . . . hope you are looking forward to Fall too!  Blessings :O)


  1. I love your enthusiasm, but I for one, have to be dragged from Summer into Fall! Once the leaves turn, I'm all for it, but until then, Summer stay!!! P.S. I have never been a fan of Halloween but I do enjoy the creativity that it brings forth! I love your choice of photos!!

  2. Fall is my favorite for so many reasons! Candles, blankets, fire, chili, crunchy leaves underfoot, sweatshirt weather- all so yummy!
    xo, Cheryl