Thursday, January 9, 2014

I Choose "Joy" for 2014

For some time now,  the Lord put the word joy on my heart and butterflies.  I certainly have cross-stitched alot of butterflies lately.  I don't normally pick a word when a new years begins, but this year I did. The past few years have been eventful to say the least.  I really feel a sense of freedom now in my life, able to go and do what I want.  Nothing tying me down anymore.  The kids are grown and well on their way in there lives.  I'm a middle age widow but I certainly don't feel so out of it anymore.  Grieving is certainly not easy and its a process you cannot rush, but I feel I'm on the other side now and looking back.  When you lose a key family member, its devastating and it takes a toil on the whole family, it changes the game plan thats for sure.  My husband's death has certainly changed me as a person.  I've lost a lot of "things" after the death of my husband and that's all they are "things".  It's easy to focus on the negative but I choose to pick the positive.  I know if those terrible things hadn't happened I would not be who I am today.  I don't know where I'm going or how I'm going to end up in this life of mine, but I'm genuinely happy and feel as free as a butterfly, and I want to embrace my life as I moved forward and explore new things. For those of you that do Facebook, I played a word came the other day and the three words I found for 2014 were "Love, Intelligence and One", go figure.   I know the Lord will never leave my side and he will continue to guide me through this life journey :O)   

"Joy is the holy fire that keeps our purpose warm and our intelligence aglow" . . .   Helen Keller 

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  1. How awesome to read this post, dear friend. I remember a few years ago when your dear hubby had just passed away, I wrote a blog post on grieving and dedicated it to you. And now my heart rejoices as I listen to you talk about the place of freedom and joy that you have reached in your journey. We are on similar paths, as you said. And I am so glad that our roads met. Keep holding on to Abba Father dear Sandy!