Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sunday Ride With Rexy . . . . The Firehouse in Venice, Ca

 We sure had some fun riding down to Venice, California this past weekend to have breakfast at "The Firehouse".  The building was originally a fire station and now converted into a restaurant.  The food was pretty good, large portions serve.  Rexy and I could have split a breakfast between the two of us and the coffee was delicious.  Riding down there in beautiful weather made it so nice for early morning, taking off around 6 am from Mission Viejo, was a little early for me.  But coming back on the 405 Fwy, it got a little warm, we got off the freeway and rode down the coast for a while, such pretty scenery for sure.

We are going to Tucson, Arizona next month in October  for one week, one of the places we'll be visiting is Tombstone, an old ghost town . . . should be fun.  Definitely need to buy a cooling vest, should be a little "hot" on the bike going through the desert.  Blessings!

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