Thursday, April 2, 2015

Back Again . . . Nevada was Beautiful!

 Our riding trip to Nevada was so much fun  . . . we visited "Valley of Fire" state park, Hoover, Davis and Parker Dam in three days  . . . Wow!  On the way there we stopped and pick up Rich in the above pic on the left with Carolyn and Rex, pic was taken at Parker Dam.  Doc in the pic below blew out his back tire on his bike shortly after leaving 29 Palms.  He was able to get the tire replaced and still make the trip with us.

 We stayed at this retro style motel in Boulder City, Nevada  . . . pretty cool!  They offered a "Coffee Buffet" each morning.  Any one that's a coffee lover enjoys this for sure.

 The food as always was good and delic . . . cheap too, even better :O)

Hoover Dam was amazing as far as the views were concerned,  hands down . . . . the last time I visited this place was fourteen years ago, it has changed so much . . . the water there was way low, we are definitely in a drought :O(

We took the traditional tour at Hoover Dam . . . not bad.

That's a pic of Rexy and I at Hoover Dam.

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