Saturday, June 13, 2015

"Boo Boo" needs your help . . .

Please help "Boo Boo"!

My cousin Elaine is reaching out on social media asking for help to raise enough money to fund surgery for her precious cat "Boo Boo".  I've attached a link if you have it in your heart to donate.  Boo Boo's  hind body is “moderately deformed” and he walks with a noticeable painful limp.  His right hind leg is longer than his left hind leg. This puts his body in an "S" shape, which is very painful.  He is given pain injections every 12 hours, but now the pain medication is taking a toll on his kidneys. Unfortunately, because his hind body is deformed, it has caused great pressure on his left leg and is now compromising the longevity of his life.  Boo Boo's leg needs to be amputated.

A Facebook page has been created for Boo Boo to learn more about his disability and to donate,  please visit his Facebook page at www.facebook.com/helpsavebooboo

These little creatures bring so much happiness to our lives . . . Blessings! :O)

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