Saturday, October 17, 2015

Enjoying Life With Gratitude!

If they told me two years ago that I would be traveling to so many places for fun on a back of a motorcycle . . . I would have thought  . . . yeah right!  All my life, inside of me, I would hear a little voice, saying "some day" you are going to do that, I was married, with children to raise and put through college, living a normal everyday life, a beautiful life, thinking that little dream was just a thought and it passed me by and I was way to old to get on a motorcycle.  Well never say never, God has your life all planned out, believe me, he knows your desires and your dreams, he truly has fulfilled mine.  ALWAYS STAY IN FAITH!  Since meeting Rexy, who is very adventurous, I have traveled almost 4000 miles by motorcycle.  We just got back from Laughlin, Neveda and had a great time with a couple of friends.  This pic above is in a small town called "Goffs".  Selfies are always fun!


Harley touring bikes are very comfortable, but safety always comes first.  Having the proper gear makes all the difference.  You definitely have to take care when it comes to your skin and hair, lots of protection from the sun and wind.  Helmet hair?  Well that's a whole other story for sure, definitely have to have a sense of humor :O)

 It was an honor to take this pic with our friend Jim, he's 82 years strong, and has been riding motorcycles all his life, he's lived alot of it too,  an amazing individual and still riding.

The past seven months we haven't been able to ride as much, since Rexy had neck surgery to remove a spur growth.  It was nice to get back on the motorcycle again.  Winter riding is up next, definitely will wear layers of clothing for sure.

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  1. lovely photos, Sandy. As I read this post and looked at the photos I was thinking that your new adventures have surely expanded your heart, your perspective, your attitude toward life and people, in a way you never expected or imagined five years ago. Our Father surely has a way of making our dreams come true. Enjoy your winter riding days! Much love, Lidia