Thursday, March 2, 2017

Is it too early to say . . . Spring?

 I finally have a "me room" for myself again  . . . boy did I miss it.  Loving that I actually have the room to decorate again for the different seasons.  Well, I thought I would do a little decorating for Spring time this morning.  Here in California we have had so much rain, we actually have a sunny day again and it feels so good to see the Sun shining again.  Rain can get depressing after awhile for sure.

I got these super cute honeycomb style easter eggs a couple of years ago and found them earlier this year when I was unpacking some boxes.  I only have three of them, small, medium and large.  Loving the look of them, hoping they don't fade after awhile, but that might look nice too.  Anyways, I need to fill my rabbit jar with some jelly beans or chocolate eggs . . . yum yum!

I thought I would also fill the bottom basket with some colored plastic Easter eggs . . . time to go to JoAnns for a Easter hunt.  Hope you are all enjoying your day.  Blessings!

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