Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Bittersweet Joy

I think you all know Rexy by now. . . we were once two broken people with two broken hearts . . . but time has a way of healing one another.  When I met Rexy, I was a widow of two years and he was going through a divorce.  We met one Sunday afternoon, at my girlfriends house for a dinner party.  We became friends and remained that way for almost two years before going out on a date.  Our first date together was on Wednesday, January 22, 2014.  A lot of things have happened since then to say the least. 

This man has changed my life, he has introduced me to Harley motorcycles in a big adventurous way!  We just completed our first ADA Grand Tour together to Fort Davis, Texas on the motorcycle, a little under 2800 miles.  I can check this one off my bucket list for sure.

We have had more breakfasts together than I can count, Molly's is one of our favorites in San Juan Caspistrano.

Rexy and I have had more fun together, doing kid kind of things, going to a amusement park, having pillow fights and always making fun of each other.  Snickers have a special meaning to Rexy and I.  If you have read some of my earlier postings, you would know that Rexy has given me a snickers bar every month on the 22nd since we first met, its our way of celebrating us coming together.

We have been out in the middle of no where, with friends on the motorcycle, always exciting!

We've been together through some unhappy things too, like his two neck surgeries, not fun. Rexy looks a little scared in this photo.

Remodeled an entire house together  . . . from the floor up.

I can't count how many selfies we have taken together . . . love them all :O)

We have built and planted things together too, some successful and some not . . . LOL!

We have so many pictures of us together on motorcycle adventures and special occasions too.

All I know . . . there is something about this face that I love so much and he makes things so good and makes me so happy to be alive . . . we share a beautiful life together and I thank God everyday for that  . . .  may God continue to let us share this wonderful life together.

"Bittersweet Joy" is the perfect title for this post.  Rexy and I were both married for 31 years to our spouses and were both contented in our lives and managed to find happiness in those challenging years, then tragedy struck and "us" happened.  This is our love story :O)

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