Saturday, May 1, 2010

Good times with a Dear Friend

Attended a wedding today, weddings are always fun and a good time, especially when you share that good time with a dear friend.  Here is some pics of my friend Jennifer and I earlier this evening.  Her friendship has been like "one long conversation" . . . all good, all the time.  That's the real Jennifer in the second pic . . just being funny! 


  1. You guys rock! Friendships that are just "one long conversation" are the BEST! Take care!

  2. Best Friends are lives great blessing! So fortunate are we!

  3. Awwww...good to see a picture of you and your fun friend!!! Those are great, what cuties you both are! ~Lili

  4. Hello Sandy:) Isn't it great hanging out with a good friend?! Good times:)

  5. HEEEYYYYY! It's ME! I love these photos Sandy. :o)

    Love our friendship and how it has evolved over the years. You are "a rock" to me in my multiple pebbled pond. Enjoyed our talk last night, thanks for listening. Now I'm off to check out your goods! As always, wonderful and cute things!