Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother's Day ?

Mother's Day is coming  and I still don't know what I want to do for my Mom.  My Mom has so many nice things already . . I want to do something unique but can't seem come up with anything I really feel good about yet . . Sometimes the simple things make the best gifts . . . what are you ladies planning for Mother's Day?


  1. My Mom likes flowers, so I have made up a large hanging basket for her and will plant a few veggies in her garden and a couple shade loving perennials that I found for her too. (We plan to take her out to one of her favorite places to eat too.) That's all I have come up with so far. That's nice that you want to come up with something unique, I'm sure it will come to you! ~Lili

  2. My mom like to have pedicures and massages, so I would set up a day that the two of us could go to the spa together. She loved it...I miss her...

  3. Hi Sandy,
    Thanks for stopping by today. These Mother's Day Postcards are beautiful.
    I got a kick out of the pics of you and your friend, Jennifer, below. Looks like a wonderful friendship!! The best kind!!
    And the 'Yellow' photos were wonderful, too!!! I'm looking forward to your finished project.
    As far as Etsy goes...my last three tote bags, last two Christmas items and the two little birds were actually sold locally to either friends, or at a Craft Fair I participated in last month. It seems that if they can see it in person, it sells much faster. : (... I've had the best luck with Holiday items. I'm sorry it's been slow going. I'm looking into joining another Show in the Fall.
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day, Sandy.
    Mary Lou

  4. Hi there,
    Love the postcards!
    I am having dinner with my mom on Sunday. I made her a card, and I'm having flowers sent to her.
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  5. Oh my, I don't know and its already Friday!

  6. I'd say flowers, a big HUG and a special dinner. We will be going fishing on Saturday to celebrate! It's a tradition! On Fathers Day we go shopping and Dinner. I've always been backwards. I get embarrassed if my family focus's on me.

  7. Just spend time with her:) Best gift for any mom! Happy Mother's Day to you, Sandy:)

  8. A little too late to help you, but I just asked her. I walked about the store thinking "I could get her a top, pajamas, perfume, a purse...WHAT?" Finally, I got out my cell and phoned her. I have bought her a lot of jewelry with hearts, including lockets...she said "you know I always like jewelry..." So, I bought her another heart necklace. I'll share about it tomorrow when I post about Mother's Day.