Monday, October 4, 2010

Celebrating Halloween . . .

I love to celebrate the Halloween season.  I have a vintage Halloween collection.  I've collected it for many years, since my kids were little.  It brings back so many wonderful memories with my family.  Halloween memories to me are making costumes for my kids and sometimes their friends too, not just when they were little, but even as they got older, and still now.  Going to our "home" church's October Festival and trick or treating.  Dave aka Mr. Grumpy loved Halloween.  He always wanted to "scare" the kids with the yard decorations, especially when they would come to the door for candy.  He would love to play the "spooky music in the background and wear a monster mask.  I'm sure going to miss that this year.   Decorating the house this year felt a little different  . . not so much fun, but I'm learning to make new memories now . . wow, life is a journey, that's for sure. 


  1. There's something about Halloween that continues to bring the kid out in us though, I can imagine how fun it must have been to have your husband do that for the trick or treaters. Your vintage decorations sound intriguing. (For some reason, I must have not waited for the verification word when I tried to comment on your last couple posts because they didn't show up.) I think you should still play some spooky music though, Mr. Grumpy would probably want you to. Hugs, Lili

  2. Halloween will be different for you this year. I'll never forget my Moms experience after my Dad passed away. She LOVED being a witch and cackling at the trick or treaters. That first year she was terrified to open the door. Make sure you have people with you so that you don't feel alone. I agree Mr. Grumpy would want you to have fun. Stand Strong, he is by your side! XO, Sharon

  3. We don't have Halloween in this end of the world! Wish we did!

  4. Yes, holidays are different after you lose a loved one...I think it takes a little effort to get back in the "spirit" of things. Keeping the traditions helps, though...go ahead & play that spooky music, Sandy...your hubby would be proud:)

  5. Hi Mom! See, I do comment on your posts!

  6. You have wonderful Halloween memories :) I hope that some how the Halloween spirit won't be lost for you this year. Have fun at the Festival!

    P.S How cute that your Son commented! Getting my family to read my blog is like pulling teeth..lol!

    Sandy xox

  7. Oh dear Sandy, I do know how it feels...it feels so different when you are celebrating a special season that hold so many special memories for you and your family.

    Life is indeed a journey, and I love what you wrote about you leaning to make new memories.

    So cute that David put down a comment, even a brief one on your post. My sons never read my blog, but their wives do.

    I pray that you enjoy your Halloween season in a special new way. It will be bittersweet that's for sure, but even that can be embraced, and made meaningful.

    Marking the seasons with you dear friend.