Saturday, October 16, 2010

Enjoying The Halloween Season

Hope you're all enjoying the Halloween season . . our home church's annual Fall festival is coming up next weekend.  It's an old-fashioned simple kind of festival, but always fun to catch up with old friends and eat plenty of goodies while you're at it.


  1. Hi Sandy,
    It always gladdens my heart to see a new post from you these days.

    Yes, this time of the year is a precursor to the harvest and thanksgiving season. So many things to be thankful for.

    Keeping you close,

  2. Halloween is such a busy time for us...but we're enjoying it:) With the chill in the air, all I want to do is curl up under a blanket;) Have a happy week, Sandy!

  3. You've gotten a head start too on your decorating you have shown us. Can you believe I just the other day bought some pumpkins finally! A fall festival sounds like a good place to get a decent caramel apple or two (if you enjoy that sort of thing!). I hope you have an enjoyable time catching up with old friends too Sandy. xo ~Lili

  4. I agree. This is such a fun time of the year that I always look forward to. Enjoy!

    Sandy xox