Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas at the Jacobson's

This year it was a different kind of Christmas  . . much more meaningful than ever before. We all knew and felt that Dave aka Mr. Grumpy was missing  . . but at the same time you could feel him all around us.  It wasn't so much about the presents but more about just being with one another  . . we ate so much and even laugh alot too.  My kids are the best . . so loving and kind . . and so good about all the changes that have taken place within our own family this past year.  I feel so blessed to have these kids of mine . . they are truly presents to me.  The picture above is from Christmas morning  . .  peanut brittle from See's has been a Christmas staple around here since they were little.  

One of the gifts Cassandra gave me was a beautiful heart shaped ornament with pink rinestones all over it . . I just love my "old-lady" pajama bottoms . . don't you?

We went to my dear friend Jennifer's Christmas day party and had such a good time, that's Davey and Jennifer being silly.

Cassandra and Brian enjoying the party too  . . boy did we eat this holiday season and constantly.

That's my Dad, he's been battling cancer the last two years and is beating it . . . Thank you God for all your goodness  . . my Dad has been blessed and we are all so grateful.

That's me and Jennifer  . . love this picture :O)

Christmas Eve was at my home this year . . that's my Mom and my nephew Angel . . this picture is so sweet.  Lots of love there . . .

That's Cassandra and Angel . . these two cousins are six months apart . . these two are the babies of the all the grandchildren for my Mom and Dad.


  1. Lovely pictures, so much love and warmth, and joy. I enjoyed looking at them. Is Jennifer your sister?

    I love your PJ bottoms... and the pink heart with rhinestones... so lovely!

    Oh, and the peanut brittle from See's... got to taste that a few years ago! Someone brought home a can from there...

    May you look forward to the Lord's continued blessings and provisions for the New Year.


  2. You so deserve this blessed Christmas! The pics are awesome. They all are filled with such love and goodness! Love the pj's! It beats my ripped/wore out flannels that I can't give up! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope its feeled with blessing un-numbered! XO

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  4. Oh Sandy! Not one but TWO pics of me on your blog! I'm touched. :D

    We LOVED having you guys over here and had such a good time at your house, too.

    Here's to one more year under the bridge for you and I, my dear, dear friend!


  5. So good to see you smiling...wishing you lots of love & happiness in 2011:)

  6. Oh Sandy I loved this post. You have such a good looking family. And it was so good to see your sweet smiling face on here. God bless your Dad, such good news to hear he is doing great. Lots of love on here Sandy. Thanks for sharing photos of your Christmas with us. xoxo ~Lili