Monday, December 13, 2010

Some more Christmas decorating

 I just love this angel . . . there is such a peace to her.   The Santa's below are part of a small collection I have.  The feather tree in the back has some vintage ornaments from the late 30's . . . my oldest ornament are always displayed on this feather (artificial) tree every year.
 This Christmas I wasn't really in the mood to go all out with the decorating and unpacking all those boxes with ornaments in them . . so I threw whatever I could on the tree and it actually came out pretty cute . . That snowman below sticks out of the tree on top . . the red stocking that's in the pics below belong to Dave.  Minnie, my mother-in-law, bought it at Sears about 40 years ago, it's falling apart, but I love it.  when my middle son Brian gets home, he'll put the star on top of tree . . that's always been his part of decorating the tree.  Hope you all are enjoying this holiday . . it's a little quiet around here  . . too quiet sometimes.


  1. I love the pictures you shared with us on this post. Everything is classy and beautiful. The angel is special, so is the snowman, and the santa...

    This is your way of remembering and moving on.

    I understand what you mean about the quietness. Just early this morning I found the bedroom too quiet. I miss the conversations my husband and I would always have...


  2. It must be in the air...because I found myself "struggling" to decorate this year...I wanted less fuss I guess, so I kept things simple, too. Funny thing is, I'm kind of liking it:) Your decorations are so lovely, Sandy! And I'm drooling over the feather tree and vintage ornaments;) Wishing you lots of Christmas cheer {aka noise} this holiday season; the "firsts" without our loved ones can be so hard. Hugs & warm wishes to you, dear Sandy:)

  3. You're way ahead of me Sandy. I still haven't put up an official tree, just little ones here and there with bits of Christmas here and there. I think I like it this way though. A feather tree with vintage ornaments sounds so pretty! xoxo ~Lili