Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dave's Closet

Well I cleaned out Dave's closet . . . sort of hard at first, well actually my kids finish it for me  . . Davey and Cassandra did a great job going through all of my husband's suits, shirts and pants . . so funny Dave never really wore suits, dress shirts and dress slacks, he was always most comfortable in a white t-shirt (preferably with a stain on it) and jeans with his tennis shoes.  When I would asked him to dress up for an event, all he would do was complain and tell me how itchy the shirt was and shoes were bothering his feet, he felt so out of place dress like that, but always looked so handsome.  I'll so miss that complaining . . always like a little kid, I would always say I have three boys and one daughter . . too funny.

This look below was normal for Dave . . he never took anything real serious . . always being funny, I could never get him to smile in a normal way . .  loved that boy to death . . literally!


  1. Sandy,
    You must know that this post takes my breath away. I hope you are well. Moving in the direction God would have you go.

  2. Amen to Cheryls comment. XO

  3. I know how painful it must have been to clean out Dave's closet.

    I am doing that to Ernie's closets in stages. Too painful.

    Moving on too in stages.

    I read this story... on Brenda's blog.

    You may want to read it too.

    Tough Times Make for Tough Women and Dogs

    here is the link:



  4. Oh Sandy, my heart goes out to you...I imagine that task was truly difficult. My Dad still hasn't cleaned out Mom's closet or gone through her things; and it's been two years. Thank you for sharing this...your love for Dave really shines through your words. Hugs & kisses to you, sweet friend.

  5. Oh Sandy that pic of him can't help but make you smile, even through tears. Sounds like he would be happy to finally see those suits go. Rest in Peace "Mr. Grumpy". xoxo ~Lili

  6. OMG my oldest Daughter is like that..lol!

    Sandy :)

  7. Sandy, it is hard to know what to say. I know that must have been so difficult for all of you. Sending hugs.
    xo, Cheryl