Sunday, November 4, 2012

Little touches of Fall . . some memories too

Having some fun decorating with a little piece of cross stitch.  This cross stitch has to be about 20 years old.  I stitched it when my kiddos were little  . . . best memories:O).  When we were moving and cleaning out the garage,  I found this piece in a box. I just had to reframe it.  It couldn't be more perfect for Thanksgiving.


  1. My world is CRAZY! And yes I am now a follower of yours on pinterest too. Don't want to lose touch! Glad to see your inpiring post. I just can't wait until Thanksgiving. My Brother will be here. All is as well as can be expected. Hopefully this coming year will bring some good news about a transplant?? I will blog when I can! Have a WONDERFUL 'FALL' season. Love the cross stitch! Memories of the good ol' day's, Bless you in every thing you do my friend. I may even find you on f/b Our friendship is cherished! XO

  2. Such a sweet and memorable piece indeed :)

    Sandy xox