Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Leap Of Faith

You all know that I have three children.  Davey, Brian and Cassandra.  Being college educated was a "big thing" in our family.  Dave and I were always talking to the kids about it, how important it was and how necessary it was to instill in them growing up.  Davey and Brian have both gone to and completed college with degrees.  In Fall 2008, Cassandra started attending Cal State Fullerton, majoring in Social Services, she also joined a sorority and was absolutely in loved with the college scene.  Cassandra did not have a traditional run at her education.  She struggled and did not complete college.

 Many times, Cassandra and I would have conversations with her crying and being so upset that things were not working out the way she thought it would.  She has faced so many challenges over the past few years.  It started by being involved in a horrible car accident while attending college and being on a walker for almost three months afterwards.  Unfortunately, the car was totaled and the accident was her fault.   Then the passing of her Dad suddenly which affected all of us as a family, emotionally and financially.  Then having to move on top of that to a completely new city,  it was overwhelming at times for her.  She persevered and never stopped moving in a forward direction with a positive attitude.  I think I did most of the complaining not Cassandra. 

The aftermath of the car . . every time I view this photo, I thank God for my daughter.

Cassandra and her Dad were so close  . . . definitely Daddy's Girl.  This photo was taken Thanksgiving Day  2009.  This would be our last Thanksgiving with my husband Dave.  

 In Spring 2013, she made the decision to stop pursuing college and decided that she would continued working on campus at the student store.  Many times she would run into her friends and they would ask her if she was going to continue school.  Cassandra continue to socialize and do things with her friends at school.  She would come home and tell me who was getting ready to graduate and who got this great job and I would see a sadness in her.  I would encourage her to hang on and tell her that God has a perfect plan for her and stay in faith.  Meanwhile, she took on another part-time job to help out at home.  I've watch this daughter of mine which was once treated like a princess literally, turned into a mature, grown up, independent, hard working young lady.  At the end of Summer 2013, Cassandra made the decision to work full time at one of the part time jobs she had and stop working at the student store on campus.  I know how hard this decision was for her, because working at the student store kept her linked to the college, thinking that was the only way success was going to come and a dream she would not let go of.

Well . . .  you know when you hold on to something so tight and when you finally realize nothing is coming out of it and you let go and you take a leap of faith with it, that's exactly what she did and it blessed her.  Cassandra received a promotion this past week after working for a year with this corporation and now does as well as her college graduated brothers do.  We are all so very proud of her and happy for her most of all.  The pic below is my Cassandra today . . . you go baby! xoxo


  1. She is a beautiful star...shine on Cassandra! Lovely lesson in faith and profound words of wisdom in this post. xo

  2. Thats great! Congrats to her :)

  3. Praise God for Cassandra. She is really pretty. Like you I also have two sons and my youngest is a daughter. I loved reading this update, Sandy. There are also online courses that can be taken slowly until one completes a degree... Who knows your daughter can do this one day... Love, Lidia

  4. So proud of all of your children Sandy. And the promotion for Cassandra was well deserved! :) Love y'all. Jennifer