Sunday, October 27, 2013

Thinking lately . . .

Hello Blogworld . . . been thinking about how long I've been blogging,  since December 2009.  As you all know having a blog requires a lot of energy, constantly updating and posting pics and trying to keep it somewhat interesting.  I know I have failed at times, but I love my blog.  Actually, I'm rather a quiet person, sort of reserve too.  So to share the things I have shared on this blog has really surprise me, but it's been good, really good for me too.  I get to "dream" a little.  Making a little bit of progress makes me "so happy".  Whether that's talking about my kids aka adult kids,  completing a cross stitch project that's been laying around forever (like when my kids were in elementary school), creating one of my dolls or decorating for a holiday and wanting to show it to the Blogworld.  When I think about ending my blog . . . for some reason I can't seem to depart from it.  Blogging lets you have friends from all over the county and sometimes from other countries as well.  Receiving a response via email from a comment I wrote is always a treat.  I appreciate the friendship more than you know and some of these comments really make you stop and think how many "kind people" are out there in this world.  My heart is full of gratitude.  Enjoy this beautiful Sunday and have a piece of that beautiful pie above, Pinterest love of course . . . God's grace is never ending :O) xo

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  1. Oh that pie looks delicious! When should I come over?
    :D Jennifer