Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Recap

 Did Christmas come and go that quick . . . I just came back from dropping Brian off at LAX to return to Wisconsin, miss him already.  I'm not one for goodbyes, don't like to even say it.  We had so much fun and we ate too much as always.  Found time to update my glasses over this holiday.  Still trying to get used to them.  Every time I take pics with my kids, I feel like I get a little bit older each time or is it the other way around, they are getting older . . . LOL!  Davey looks a little sleepy (he's standing behind me).  I wanted to take one last pic before we left for the airport this afternoon. Buttons my dog slept most of the time through this holiday.  My Christmas tree still is fresh, been adding water every morning.  My cousin is coming from up north for a NewYear's visit and I would hope the tree can last a little while more.  I was really planning on joining my dear friend for Christmas Dinner, but my kids had another idea, we went out for the first time for a holiday dinner at Todai's, amazing seafood and sushi, definitely recommended.  It was so nice not having to cook anything or doing kitchen clean up afterwards.  Hope your Christmas was a beautiful one :O) xo


  1. Still in Colorado with Alexandra, spending time with Graham this Christmas. I'm so happy you have been able to enjoy your family, too! Good byes.....I have a couple more days. So hard.

  2. The photos are lovely, I am sure you all had a memorable time. The tree and the decors I saw on the pics are beautiful. Rejoicing with you for what this season means, dear Sandy.

  3. OH MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I feel the same way about goodbyes. They just should be "see you soon" When our Son and Daughter in Law left our house at Thanksgiving our Son said, "I'll see you in a couple weeks" and I pretended that it would be ok. It is just so hard to be far away from family. So glad you were able to spend a wonderful time with them. Take Care and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I'll post soon! XO, Sharon