Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Getting ready for the Homecoming

Doing a little baking and some cleaning too. You all know how much I love it when all my kids are home.  So much good news to talk about this year.  Looks like my oldest son will be relocating to Colorado for his job.  Both of my boys will be living out of state.  Sort of bittersweet you can say, but I am so happy for both of my boys.  I wish my husband Dave was here to see how well the kids are doing and be part of this celebration.  I'm sure Heaven is having a huge celebration.  Blessing!


  1. Dear Sandy,
    We have walked together in similar emotional circumstances, although we may live in very different worlds. I can sense a real closeness to you - and in this post, I share your excitement. I also have two sons and one daughter... and home and family mean so much to me, next to God. I'm still here in the US, and will be spending Christmas and New Year with my sister and her husband. It feels different being in very different circumstances from how I would be preparing for the Christmas celebration with my own family - but God has a reason for my being here at this time. I wish you a meaningful celebration with your children. You are so precious to our Abba Father, Sandy.May you experience His nearness and gentleness these days. Much love,

  2. Hugs to you! It's always so bittersweet with the children. Mine are still young, but I can already see them growing up and away. I will be so proud of them, but sad for them to be away, too. And we lost my Dad this summer, so this is our first Christmas without him. He's in a better place, for sure, but I still miss him terribly. Hugs to you. ~Angela~