Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lazy Life Lately . . . :O)

One of the Christmas presents I bought Rexy was a new golfers hat . . . I took a guess and got lucky with his head size.  Last Sunday we met up with his bike club and had breakfast with them all . . . took this pic of Rexy out in the parking lot, always too much fun and lots of laughs.  Looking forward to another bike trip (3 days) in March, desert riding again  . . . bought some ear warmers when we rode to Arizona last October, definitely will be wearing them again this time.

Just had to post this funny pic of Rexy and I, Rexy looks sort of scary and my nose looks huge . . LOL!  We have been watching lots of movies lately . . . went to the theater to see a couple of movies, "Exodus : Gods and Kings", "Taken 3".  Cassandra joined us for one of them.  The three of us went to "The Hat" for dinner that night, they're known for their pastrami . . . delic!  

Having alot of nice dinners too at Rexy's place  . . . He made a pretty good desert the other night :O)

Looks like I've been eating too much  . . . better start cutting back again  . . or I won't be able to get on that motorcycle again  . . . LOL! xo

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  1. Again, I've had to scroll down to see all the posts and photos I have missed. Loved all the photos you posted for Christmas... the ones you took at the church service Journey to Christmas were lovely too. Your children are looking great. And so are you. See's chocolates... I remember my mom. It was her favorite. Always tried to make a whole box last a long time, just one piece a day, with coffee! And, the Citrus Fir, with the house smelling all Christmassy at Christmas, just made me nostalgic for my childhood days when my dad and mom would come home every Dec 16 with a small pine tree (chopped one, I'm afraid, no more roots) from the mountain province where the pine trees grow. Well, I love beef pastrami, too. And that dessert does look tempting. What was it? Glad you are enjoying your new adventures. If I were to translate your external location statement to your inner world, it only means one thing: God is taking you to uncharted territories! Isn't that so exciting? Love you dear friend, and Happy 2015!