Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Valentine's Day . . . Creating Again

 It always fun to get ready for Valentine's Day  . . . especially because I actually have someone in my life again.  I recently put up my Valentine's Tree with some cute creations on it . . . same old ones, nothing new just yet.  I've decided to make some simple heart garland for my tree.  Didn't really realized how many hearts I needed for such a small tree . . . I've cut about nineteen of them and probably need double of that.

 Thinking of making this heart below for a sweet girlfriend of mine with her and her husbands' names on it, I know she'll just love it too.  I do the stitching on my sewing machine freehand.  My machine broke last week, thought I needed a new cable for the side wheel but it just needed to be tightened, without my sewing machine I actually feel so lost . . . I love to sew :O)

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