Friday, September 18, 2015

Creating Some Fun Stuff

I absolutely love butterflies . . . . can't seem to get enough of them.  Couple of months ago I bought one of those Jim Holtz assemblage clocks.  Went to Michael and bought some paper and stickers, some ribbon and tried my best to create something.  Haven't really done something like this in awhile . . . got to get back into it again, seem to be a little rusty :O)

 Shopping at Michaels, stickers and things . . .

 Attempting to put something together.  Jennifer my sweet friend gave me some beautiful butterfly stickers (3-D vellum style).  I wanted to use them for something special.

 The background is a pattern of shades of blue, beige and tan.  I added a "happy" button sticker along with two paper light blue flowers.  The ribbon I used was from Christmas last year, light nile green color, wired ribbon.  Super simple :O)

The season of my life right now is beautiful.  A butterfly to me represents "New Beginning".   I thought this saying was perfect!

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  1. Beautiful, Sandy... you are so creative and gifted with arts. And I am so delighted with your new season... so happy for you, my friend.