Tuesday, September 8, 2015

This time with PURPOSE

I've wanted for a while to create something special which would represent my relationship with Rexy.  Just completed a new cross stitch by Blackbird Designs called "Moonlight Visitor".  I decided to date it 2014 when Rexy and I came together.  The moth actually looks like a butterfly to me which represents NEW BEGINNINGS and the house represents LIFE, the tree represents GROWTH and the heart in the left hand corner represents LOVE . . . how appropriate could this one be for us :O)

 Need to find the perfect frame to put it in  . . . dark espresso color maybe, I think that might look pretty.  Tell me what you think?  Blessings :O)

p.s. Can't quite figure out what the dog would represent in our relationship . . . hmmm!

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