Thursday, July 28, 2016

Oh my . . . Last year of my fifties!

Do we even count them anymore after fifty?  Added another candle to my birthday cake yesterday  . . . oh my, last year of my fifties!  Times flying that's for sure.  Rexy surprises me with an ice-cream cake, those are the best.  Received some goodies also too. 

We our making progress with the kitchen.  We were able to install our new refrigerator along with the ice maker water line.  We're are loving the new refrigerator, lots more room in this one. 

Our cabinet maker for the kitchen was here yesterday and surprised me with the inserts for my spice  drawer next to the stove.  I was so excited to go through my spices and set it up :O)

Will continue to post more pics of the new kitchen  .  . so excited!

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  1. A belated happy birthday dear Sandy! Praying the road ahead will be paved with favor, wisdom, peace, and joy. May all you do and say bring delight to the Father's heart! Much love, Lidia